Swoop’s Top Pick of Restaurants Throughout Patagonia

After many years working as a tour leader wining and dining clients night after night, Sally has had the chance of discovering, eating and thoroughly enjoying the very best that Patagonia has to offer. Below are just a few of her recommendations.

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Patagonia on the Web – 8th August

Swoop’s roundup of all things Patagonian across the web this week. Swoop’s Favourite Photographs: Mt FitzRoy – Greg Boratyn ‏@GregBoratyn takes wonderfully colourful shots of Patagonia that look at how the changing light effects the landscape. You can take a look at the rest of his work at his website. @dbustosp posted this fantastic photo of Lago […]


Swoop’s Guide to Patagonian Literature

This is by no means a complete reading list to Patagonia but is meant to be used as a starting point. We have chosen five books as “must reads” and then added some of our other favourite titles below. If you need any help in where to source these books or have any other recommendations then we’d love to hear from you.


Swoop’s Trekking Kit List

The weather in Patagonia is famous for being unpredictable, and you can expect to experience all 4 seasons in one day, from high winds to extreme sun, to chilling cold. The secret is to wear several layers, in order to achieve maximum comfort with minimum weight. It is important to use wind resistant clothing made from materials that dry fast, so we do not recommend cotton fabrics. Make sure you wear in your boots beforehand & bring blister treatment just in case!